Main menu


Traditional headcheese topped with onion and vinegar, bread 65 Kč

Marinovaný bůček, chléb, okurka 89 Kč

Double Caesar sandwich with grilled tenderloin 89 Kč

Mixed steak tartare with six slices of fried bread and garlic 179 Kč


Soup of the day 40 Kč

Beef broth with liver dumplings 40 Kč

Main courses

Chicken breast stuffed with basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, ratatouille, and mushroom ragout 179 Kč

200 g

Grilled beef sirloin with demi-glace sauce and grilled vegetables, steak fries 169 Kč

250 g

Sous vide pork chop steak with English bacon, poached egg, and green peppercorn sauce 185 Kč

250 g

Marinated pork neck steak with English bacon, onion rings and cheddar cheese, garlic dressing 195 Kč

250 g

Fine-sliced duck breast with rosemary, potato puree, tuna mayonnaise 229 Kč

200 g

Pulled pork burger with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, English bacon, tomato and iceberg lettuce on a sesame seed bun, French fries 219 Kč

200 g

Roasted pork ribs in BBQ sauce with goat horn peppers, coleslaw, horseradish and mustard, toasted bread 149 Kč

500 g

Tagliatelle with chicken, spinach leaves and cream, parmesan 145 Kč

150 g


Caesar chicken salad (100 g), bacon chips, croutons and parmesan cheese 179 Kč



Homemade apple strudel with nuts, whipped cream 49 Kč

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes 35 Kč

Mashed potatoes with onion 40 Kč

French fries 45 Kč

Potato wedges 45 Kč

Grilled vegetables with basil and garlic 49 Kč

Roasted green beans with garlic and bacon 49 Kč

Restované fazolové lusky s česnekem a slaninou 49 Kč

Domácí bramboráčky 49 Kč


BBQ sauce 20 Kč

Garlic dip 20 Kč

Tartare sauce 15 Kč

Ketchup 15 Kč

Weight of meat is listed in its raw state.

Allergens can be requested from the restaurant staff.